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MonsterInsights: The Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

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Keeping track of your google analytics can be a bit overwhelming, even for people who understand it. But it is something you need to keep track of the data on your WordPress page.

The data you gather will help you improve your website. So if you use Google Analytics, you know it can be very helpful and very confusing. MonsterInsights makes it much easier for you to install and follow.

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You need to use analytics and you want it to be easy to use and understand. A good analytics plugin should show you:

● How people find your website

● What formats and topics people like the best

● Track your conversion goals so you can continuously improve your site

MonsterInsights will actually show you all of that information at a glance. This makes everything so much easier, in particular if you are fairly new to analytics.

You can find the information right away and use it right away. The team behind MinsterInsights developed it specifically for people who are not familiar with WordPress and how to find and use tracking code.

Setting up MonsterInsights

To start using MonsterInsights, you will need to have a Google Analytics account already.

Install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin. Then, find the Insights tab and go down to Settings. Once you are here, you can connect your Google Analytics account without having to copy or edit any code.

Simply authenticate the account with your Google account and you will be ready to start.

From here, you will be prompted to get Google code. It will lead you to your Google account and just click Allow to connect your Google Analytics with your new MonsterInsights account.

Once that is finished, it will generate an authorization code. Type or copy-paste that code into the dashboard of your WordPress. Once you are in, there will be a dropdown menu where you can set up the analytics you want.

Choose Analytics

- Now you can choose what information you want to track. You can see what posts are the most popular by views and visitors.

- Track all clicks and downloads, and how many files were downloaded.

- See all the data in real-time, what people are looking at, who is online, and for how long.

- See what affiliate ads are getting attention and which are not, plus, which ones brought the visitor to your site.

- Customize data tracking for posts, searches, users, special events and so much more.

- You can also turn it on or off in a single click. Or, switch from one type of analytic to another just as easily.

Other Features

You can also set up MonsterInsight to track data across several platforms. Get the information from Facebook or other sites you are affiliated with. The real-time monitoring is great if you have something on your site that is time-sensitive.

If you have other eCommerce plugins, you can also track them with MonsterInsights. You don't need to enable them, they will automatically be tracked and let you know if they have been engaged.

It takes mere minutes to install and if there are any problems you can contact them directly for any help you may need setting it all up. While it is easy to install, you may spend a bit more time trying to set it up to your specifications.

It isn't an alternative to Google, but it makes it all much easier to follow and understand. It is a great tool, even for those just starting out and it is perfect for an online store, blog, or anything else you use WordPress for.

Make life easier with MonsterInsights. See all the important data in one place, right away. You decide what you see when you set it up, so you also change it. See where your traffic is coming from and how they got there.

If you have an online store, see what products people are looking at, what is popular, what isn't and what gets added to carts but not bought. All of this information helps you improve your website, the content, and understand what is working and what isn't.

It's easy to install, it's easy to use and it's built for you and your WordPress account.

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