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How to Use Crafts to Market Your Business

With online platforms like Zazzle, Society 6, Shopify, and Etsy, selling things online has become easier than ever. As a small business, with a little creativity, you can use these options to your advantage.

The ability to brand and market yourself is now faster and less expensive with companies that offer print-on-demand services. Let’s look at Zazzle as an example, and how they can help you in ways you might not have considered.

Maybe you’re a small business that’s decided to hold a special event to raise funds for a good cause. Offering t-shirts with your branded logo on it is a great way to spread awareness. But, what if you don’t have the big budget to have shirts in stock all year? Simple. Zazzle has you covered. Create an order and get your name out there with a small batch of shirts. No need to be tied into an ongoing ordering process. Get what you need, when you need it.

What if you’re a new business, but can’t afford fancy uniforms? Maybe you’re opening a local deli and want a unified look without the expense of ordering through a catalog that requires large orders. That’s where Zazzle can come in. Order hats or apparel, like aprons, with your logo on it, and you’ve got a clean, fresh look with your business’s brand front and center.

How else can you use crafts to market your business?

What about playing cards or puzzles with your branding and colors? You can donate them to hospitals and nursing homes. It allows you to help out, while also bringing awareness to those who see them.

Consider having coffee mugs created with your branding and offer them as a thank-you for new business, referrals, or as incentives.

Order bags with your branding, creating re-usable shopping bags. Give them a way to your customers. The exposure will more than pay for itself. It’s like having a walking advertisement each time they are used.

Most people think about stationery products and pens, but what about calendars? Create calendars to give out to your clients at the end of the year. They’ll have a visual reminder of your business each and every month.

Are you a small gym or yoga studio? Have yoga mats created with your logo. Sell them at the gym or use them as rewards for on-going participation.

According to Statista, industry-giant Etsy is soaring. Why? Their users pivoted quickly and started selling face masks. And selling they did. Etsy is a massive marketplace that sells crafts. Just like Zazzle, people are only limited by their imagination.

Consider how making a small change can have a big impact. Growing awareness of your brand doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Local advertising can do wonders. Whether you’re spreading goodwill and giving branded products away, or even selling them, it’s a great opportunity to reach people.

We’re influenced by seeing things more than one time. The more touchpoints you have, the bigger chance somebody who might not have thought of your business will come around and realize you’re a viable alternative for them. You’re growing awareness, even on a subconscious level.

Dog walker or groomer? What about cute paw print bandanas with your logo on it? Nail salon? What about giving customers a file to take with them that has your phone number and name on it?

Hop over to Zazzle and get inspired by the massive choice of options they offer. Crafts and creative apparel can be the perfect way to get noticed in a subtle, yet simple matter. It’s money well spent, and the advertising is priceless.


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