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How to get a job in UAE

By Mubin Ansari

Life would be much easier if we had a manual with us for exploring opportunities easily. I have been there where you are and done all of the things I could have done – and it can be very hectic and disappointing when you apply for a job. And on top of it, the most annoying is registering on every job site as most of the sites show the same results jobs in UAE. There are no hard and fast rules, you can go with the flow but you need to be very organized with a well-structured plan and in a goal-oriented manner. Refer to below steps for an update about Jobs in UAE Naukri Gulf Expo 2020

1. Early bird gets the worm: If you want a job in UAE the first thing is to organize yourself. You need to understand that working hours in UAE is generally from 8 a.m to 5 p.m on weekdays & have off on Friday. While some companies have off on Saturday as well. So you need to send the resume within the working hours to get attention. Hence, kindly make sure that you sleep early and get up early for matching the working hours. Nobody likes to see the emails after working hours unless it's important. I will be posting a blog soon about the time management soon.

2.Get your resume right : The dear candidate you are a product and a resume is your advertisement. A great resume should summarise and highlight your strengths, skills, and experience in a way that grabs the attention of the recruiter. Try to be as real you can and try to avoid faking the resume. Avoid the last-minute changes to your resume or remove things, or add explanations and summaries. Please refer to as much resume you can having similar skills and job descriptions. Your resume should be maxed 3 to 4 pages and should be up to the point. You can avoid putting unnecessary details or references. If you have sufficient job experience ( not a fresher ) do not add an academic project summary as a recruiter might not be interested in it. For resume writing get in touch with me.

3.Registering on job portals: Relax, you don't need to register on each and every site. Do your research and try to pick a few websites for registration because you might get repeated vacancies. I can list down few sites so you can save your time viz – Naukrigulf, Linkedin Jobs, Indeed, Monstergulf, Dubizzle, Bayt, etc. You can also refer to the job postings on leading newspapers such as Gulf News, Khaleej Times, The National, etc. 4.Download mobile application: Once you are done registering on job portals, next step I would suggest downloading mobile applications. These applications become very handy as it gives you insights as well. You can create job alerts based on your skills and expertise. Once you download the app try to update your profile daily morning so that your profile appears on the top. A lot of candidates apply for the available position so you need to stand out in the crowd and need to be on the top for consideration. Naukrigulf app is the best app so far.

5.Visit the company website: Before visiting the company website please ensure that you already followed the previous steps. Job alerts and other notifications will give you a brief idea about the company. You can directly visit their website and apply directly to their domain. Consultancy might have missed your profile while shortlisting candidates, so contacting directly will help you to some extent. Each and every email cannot be attended as a lot of people are sending emails daily so kindly mention your details in the subject line, e.g Sales Engineer with 3 years experience, or use the subject line as per the available position. You can study the website of the company about their activities and mention your relevant expertise/ work experience in email so that HR can consider your CV.

6. Read newspaper: Do not lose hope, you are almost there. Once you follow the above steps, be positive and patient, and wait for the response. While you wait to try to read the newspaper as much as you can. Reading newspapers will keep you up to date with the market condition and it will enhance your communication skills. Try to read and subscribe to job alerts on the newspaper website. As UAE is happening place lot of walk-in interviews happens across UAE so you can get lucky as well. Living without a job is very hard and getting a job is also a bit hard but this is not the end of the world so do not give up.

7. Follow up : Once you are done, please try to send a follow-up mail and sometimes cold call can also work. Please do not panic and end up in a fraud or scam. Yes, you heard it right, do not pay any single penny to any consultancy who asks for money. They are all fraud and it will waste your time. Fraudster somehow manages to get your email address and communicate with you over email with fake names and numbers. Consultancy in the UAE will never ask for any money so stay safe and alert. Use your contacts in the UAE and cross-check with them about the existence of the company and their credibility. Do not accept any offer temporary. Your resume speaks a lot about your personality so do not add a number of companies try to add quality.

Expo 2020 Dubai exhibition is expected to have a significant impact on the UAE’s economy. It will contribute to Dh122.6 billion in value by 2031. It will stimulate investments and creating thousands of jobs. So try to search top companies in UAE and apply directly to their website.

So that's about it, good luck with your job hunt. Please get in touch with me for any guidance. I will be posting more about tips and tricks for the job hunt soon.


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