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Best Amazon Subscriptions

With so many Amazon services and subscriptions, how do you know which ones are the best? There are two ways to answer that question. You can go by value and price or convenience. But honestly, the best Amazon subscription is the one you use.

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It’s easy to get pulled into a great introductory fee, but it’s just as easy to forget you’re paying for a service that you aren’t using. If you sign up for a service, make a notation on your calendar to evaluate the usefulness and decide if keeping it makes sense. Otherwise, your credit card will continue to be charged, and that’s money you could be using elsewhere.

With that out of the way, let’s look at a couple of Amazon subscriptions worth checking out.

Amazon Standard Subscriptions Available:

· Amazon Prime (Offers multiple services, plus free delivery on many items)

· Amazon Fresh (Grocery, Fresh and Pantry Staples)

· Amazon’s Prime Pantry (Pantry Staples)

. Amazon Home Service (Home cleaning service)

. Amazon Family (special benefits for families with little ones)

· Kindle Unlimited (Digital Books)

· Amazon Prime Video (Streaming TV/Movies)

· Amazon Music (Streaming Music)

· Amazon Audio Books (Audiobooks)

· Amazon Subscribe and Save (Discounted items if you set auto-reorders)

For Kids (Subscriptions and Monthly Box Sets):

· Amazon Baby Registry

. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

· Amazon STEM Club & Educational Monthly Box Sets

· Amazon Toys & Collectible Monthly Box Sets

· Amazon Craft Monthly Box Sets

. Amazon Book Monthly Box Sets

· Amazon Raddish – Kids Cooking Monthly Box Sets

Box Sets have become wildly popular, and Amazon has a wide selection whether you have a little chemist on your hands, a green crafter, or a chef. The traditional subscription service of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is the best choice for value and parental control.

Entertainment as a Package Deal

If you’re a heavy reader and enjoy a Kindle e-reader, you’ve probably heard of Kindle Unlimited, but what exactly is it? And is it the same as Amazon Prime Reading?

Amazon Prime Reading is for members who are part of Amazon Prime. This is a benefit of your Prime membership, not a separate subscription. Kindle Unlimited stands apart. You can purchase this monthly service whether you’re an Amazon Prime member or not.

Kindle Unlimited is a great option for those who read a lot. Certain books in Amazon’s digital book store are exclusive to Amazon. They are flagged as Kindle Unlimited books.

If you purchase a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can consume as many of these books as you like. The key is that you can only have ten of them on your e-reader at a time. So, if you have ten, and see another you’d like to read, you’ll need to return one before you can download another.

This doesn’t limit you from purchasing books, but it acts as a library of books you can borrow, read, then return by paying one flat fee. Not every book is a part of Kindle Unlimited, but they clearly mark it if it is.

Groceries and More

AmazonFresh and Prime Pantry are actually different services, even though they both focus on grocery or pantry items. You’ll often see “Subscribe and Save” buttons on items you may re-order a lot. Let’s look at what each is, and which you might want to choose.

Not every area has access to every service.

AmazonFresh is an online grocery store. You order groceries and have them delivered to you. There is a subscription fee that you’re charged when you join. Another bonus is that if you are part of AmazonFresh, you don’t have to pay Prime Pantry’s subscription fee when you order from them, and delivery is included.

Prime Pantry, on the other hand, isn’t a full grocery shopping experience and focuses on staples. They have some items, but not everything you’ll need.

While they might carry toilet paper and paper towels, for fresh produce you’d turn to AmazonFresh. The problem is that AmazonFresh isn’t available in every location.

When it comes to membership, Prime Pantry also has a monthly fee to help lower shipping costs.

While they are both considered grocery services, they each are completely their own program.

The “Subscribe and Save” button mentioned above can be found on random items. If it’s something you re-order often, you can get a discount, sometimes 5-10% by setting it up as a regular, on-going delivery. It will tell you if an item offers this on the individual page.

Amazon Subscriptions Have a Lot to Offer

It would take a long time to go into details about each service and subscription that Amazon offers. Be sure to read details and fine print if you choose one.

Amazon Prime is a great option and a favorite that stands head and shoulders above the rest. They offer free 2-day shipping, multiple video streaming options are included, along with some music, and multiple books. While it may not suit everybody, Amazon Prime is hard to beat.

For kids, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is a great choice, because of parental controls and a wide range of material available.

Is there a best? Remember, it’s only a great service if you make use of it.

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